Shieldus is a Canadian based publication that aims to spread awareness for the rights of Woman

We aim to connect with

Women, men, and children around the world who are aiming to learn more about the harsh realities an abundance of woman face on a daily basis. Through stories, employment opportunities and avenues to get help, we aim to change the lives of those in seemingly helpless situations before it becomes too late. 

The harsh reality

Is that woman not only makeup approximately 80% of all refugees and displaced peoples worldwide but also make up about 70% of the population living in absolute poverty.

Our goal

Is to educate and alert the masses of the incredibly real scenarios that millions of woman around the world are forced to endure, while offering a helping hand to those in our community who need it most. We hope to aid in the fight against domestic, physical, emotional, and all other forms of abuse affecting those who struggle to protect themselves, or are looking for guidance in the problems they are facing at home, in the workplace, and over the internet.

You can help

By sending us your stories and experiences, allowing us to update our content on a daily basis, with the goal of generating awareness on a global scale and promoting positive content that is intended to aid, uplift and, provide support for those who are struggling to find positives in a dark situation. 

Stay up to date by following and subscribing to all of our platforms and checking our site consistently to view new stories, information and guides that we have to best help those in need.


Was built and founded by a mother and her two sons with the sole objective of creating and bringing awareness to the very real realities of abuse and trauma that millions of women endure. We aim to be the voice for those struggling to find their own.