Information and resources

Supporting Somebody in a Abusive Relationship


  1. Read, study and learn everything you can about abuse.
  2. Be supportive and uplift your friend in whatever way possible.
  3. Allow them to ventilate and release the tension they have built up.
  4. Give advice only if asked for, rather than forcing your thoughts into an already stressful situation.

                                  - Offer an emergency plan.

                                  - Offer to ease stress by helping when needed.


  1. Confront their partner about the way they are treating their significant other.
  2. Tell them that it's natural, and it'll work itself out.
  3. Tell them to stay and become complacent for the sake of children or family involved.
  4. Judge or spread your knowledge of the situation with others.

Setting up an emergency plan

The first and most important step in setting up an emergency plan is to contact a domestic violence or woman's shelter and get real, professional advice from people who want to help you live a domestic violence free life. Setting up a separate bank account and giving important papers to a family member or a friend who you can trust should follow soon after.

Things to take with you

  • All important documents and forms of ID
  • Insurance cards and your partners social insurance number
  • The necessary funds needed to get yourself back on your feet
  • Personal phone
  • Any necessary medication
  • Keys to the house and vehicle if applicable 
  • Valuable jewelry or items that can not be replaced 


Keeping Yourself Safe Online

Five Tips To Ensure Online Safety

1. Create Complex Passwords: By using Capitals (aA), numbers (00) and symbols (&@).

2. Never Use Social Media On Public Computers: Stay away from giving any personal information to non-owned computers, phones, etc.

3. Set Your Social Media To Private: Allowing you to filter who can view your activity.

4. Click Smart: Stay away from spam emails and posts, which are often used to extract personal information from unknowing victims

5. Practice Safe Shopping: Shop only on safe and trusted sites, when shopping online it is best to use PREPAID credit cards